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How To Get Beautiful Lips At Home

How To Get Beautiful Lips At Home

Everyone wants to have full beautiful lips. I have never met a girl who did not think beautiful lips are a mark of beauty and sensuality. Year in year out people invest their time and money in trying to get products and tips for beautiful lips. Taking care of lips is tricky because they are exposed to all the elements and food we eat. Unhealthy lips could negatively affect ones self esteem. However, there are simple tricks one can use to simplify this and learn how to get beautiful lips at home.

The skin on lips is naturally thin and does not have any oil glands. This may explain why chapped lips are a reality for many. In winter when the air is very cold and harsh, it is common to see many people having dry and chapped lips. Cleaning your lips is therefore an important note for you no matter where you are. Next is protecting yourself from harsh products and harsh elements of the environment.

How to get beautiful lips at home – naturally

Ok, so how do we take care of lips without using expensive products? Follow me to my pantry and learn these simple guidelines on how to get beautiful lips and maintain them looking good.

  • Start in the morning – run your toothbrush lightly over your lips as you brush your teeth. This will remove dead skin and give your lips a smooth look.
  • After this, make sure you rinse off the toothpaste that may be left on your lips.
  • Next, apply a moisturizing lip balm made of soothing ingredients such as honey, aloe vera or jojoba. Keep your fingers off your lips. If you are going outside, please use a lip balm with a sun protection factor of at least 15 (SPF 15).
  • Apply your lipstick lightly. Pink is the color that seems to suit many people but you can experiment with your best color. Red is back in vogue and it seems to look good if you apply lots of it.
  • To remove excess lipstick you can plant firm kisses on the back of your hand.
  • Always have your lip balm, lipstick pocket tissue and lip gloss at hand. If you need to go out off town especially carry your favorite products with you since you do not want to use different types that could irritate your lips. When washing your face, you can clan your lips by running a wet tissue on them. You should also massage them lightly with clean fingers.
  • Avoid biting your lips
  • Keep the lips moisturized even when going to sleep.
There are some natural products that can replace moisturizer. A drop of honey is an excellent moisturizer that you can use at bed time. Other products you can use to moisturize your lips at night are: – green tea bags, ghee, lemon juice, coconut oil, rosewater, jojoba oil, cucumber.

How to remove dead skin from lips

Removing dead skin is important in order to remove impurities and keep off the probability of infection. This is an important aspect for anyone who seeks to know how to get beautiful lips. To remove dead skin from your lips there are four easy solutions:

  • Brush them softly with your normal toothbrush when you are brushing your teeth.
  • Apply an exfoliator on your lips to remove dead skin. Just ensure it has alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). This should however not be applied on your lips if they are overly sensitive.
  • Rub your lips with lemon juice and a cotton swab.
  • A small brush can be used on the lips to scrap dead skin. Just make sure it is only used on the lips to avoid infection.
  • Lastly, you can make a sugar scrub by mixing sugar with some olive oil.

How to apply lip gloss perfectly – tips and advice

Lip gloss gives your lips a wonderful glow. Here are tips for applying lip gloss:

  • Apply lip balm sparingly over your lips. You can also use light powder.
  • Apply your lip gloss. The powder or balm helps it to hold longer.
  • You can apply the lip gloss softly over your lipstick, taking care not to smudge.
  • Avoid pressing lips together as this could make it smudge.
  • Do not use too much lip gloss since you need just a touch of it to have amazingly shiny lips.

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7 ways to make your lips look bigger

Bigger lips have been used as a mark of beauty for a long time. This is not far fetched at all -Healthy lips are naturally moist and plump. Apply these 7 tips to learn how to get beautiful lips.

Stay hydrated: Lips are like a sponge. When they are exposed to water, they absorb it and thicken. When they get dehydrated, they lose water and shrink. Lips are highly prone to dehydration because they are always exposed to various elements.

Moisturize: There is no substitute for moisturizing your lips. Never go anywhere without your moisturizer. Remove flakes on your lips with a soft brush to allow your lips to shine. The shine makes your lips to have a fuller look.

Use natural products on your lips. You can apply mineral lipstick to avoid using harsh stuff that can damage your lips and make them thin out. Hydrating lipsticks and balms will often have ingredients such as bees wax, jojoba, almond oil and other moisturizing products.

Design fuller lips with your lip liner. Just have lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick and use it to draw a line on the edge -just outside your lips. The same effect can be achieved using a concealer and spreading it a little over the lips. Apply your lipstick and lip gloss as usual.

Apply clear lip gloss onto the middle of the lips. The shine will reflect light making your lips fuller.

Use nude or pink lipstick to give your lips a naturally large look. This is also trendy and is a style that does not fade away unlike other brighter colors. Darker colored lipstick makes your lips look flat.

Apply your lipstick as usual then line the outside with concealer. This will make your lipstick pop and make your lips look larger.

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