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Why Is My Hair So Oily After One Day?

Why Is My Hair So Oily After One Day

Oily and greasy hair can be very annoying! It makes it so hard for me to spot my favorite pony tail for more than a day. Having too much oil on the hair is not even healthy! So, why is my hair so oily even after washing it? It causes …

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How To Stop Your Hair From Falling Out?

how to stop your hair from falling out

Falling hair is a cause of concern for many people and they silently wonder how to stop your hair from falling out? Hair grows and dies so the body has to grow new hair and get rid of the old hair. Everyone who has hair will experience some loss at …

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How To Makeup Face In 5 Minutes

How to makeup face In 5 Minutes

It would be great if you can get time to spend on making up your face each morning. Sadly, this is not always possible and you must perfect how to makeup face in 5 minutes. There are endless attention seeking activities, some of which we cannot brush off. You need …

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