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Dry Hair

How To Take Care Of Dry Hair, Say Good Morning Healthy Hair

Dry hair is hair that has a damaged outer layer, lacks shine and looks dry. If one has dry skin, they most probably will suffer from dry scalp and hair. It is extremely hard to comb dry hair. In most cases curly hair is apt to be dry as compared to straight hair. It appears as brittle as straw and therefore very hard to comb. Dry hair can happen to a person of any age or race.

The following symptoms can help you to diagnose if you have a dry hair problem and check how to take care of dry hair: Dull hair with no shine, brittle hair strands, difficulty to comb, tangled hair, itchy scalp, lack of elasticity in hair, split ends and breaking hair.

Why is my hair so dry and frizzy?

Ever since I was little, I had hair problems and I keep asking people how to take care of dry hair. This is a terrible condition in which there is little or no moisture on the hair and scalp. Unfortunately for me, both my parents had the same type of hair and so they do not think it’s a big deal. But for me it is! Am just a girl who wants to have the bouncy black hair I keep seeing on TV commercials. I have always tried to figure out why my hair is so frizzy and dry and in my case it is hereditary. There are different causes of this annoying condition.

What are extremely dry hair causes?

There are many causes of dry hair and scalp. One should carefully check which one they are susceptible to so that they can get an effective solution. Dehydration of the skin and scalp is the first indicator of dry hair. Here we look at the common dry hair causes and how to take care of dry hair.

Heredity, improper washing, improper diet, use of unsuitable/harsh products, extreme heat drying, medical conditions, cuticle damage, loss of elasticity or strength, high porosity, excessive washing, exposure to dry air, deficiencies, thyroid problems, extreme blow drying, over exposure to sun, hard pillows cases, menses kinky hair disease, chlorinated water and washing without applying conditioners.

Does washing your hair too much damage it?

The answer is Yes! Washing hair too regularly is not healthy for it strips the hair off essential oils making it lose body and shine. Furthermore, even if you have oily hair, regular washing will lead to over stimulation of the oil glands and could make the condition much worse than it was.

Avoid hot water even though it feels nice as it is likely to dry up your hair. It can also cause the sebaceous glands to produce too much oil giving you an oily hair problem.

What is good for dry hair and how to take care of dry hair?

Beautiful hair is often defined by a healthy and shiny appearance. Many people today are suffering from damaged, lifeless hair. If you have naturally beautiful hair, you should apply some of the following measures to prevent your hair from drying and becoming frizzy.

Washing: Wash your hair infrequently with a little warm water. Massage your hair as you wash. If possible rinse with cold water. Avoid using hot water. Use a conditioner after every wash. Leave in conditioner is preferable. Minimize flat ironing and do not use a flat iron when hair is wet.

Washing your hair often with hot water strips it of the natural oils and brings about feelings of tightness and dryness. Washing oily hair should be done at most three times a week while dry hair should be washed after a few more days. This gives your scalp time to rejuvenate and secrete oils to nourish your hair. Before washing hair, brush it lightly with a soft brush. This stimulates circulation under the scalp and loosens dead skin. It is also necessary to allow healing and PH regulation.

How to take care of dry hair and say good morning to healthy hair - combingCombing: Use a wide toothed comb. Avoid using plastic combs instead go for wood. If possible do not comb wet hair. But you can use a wide toothed comb when the hair conditioner is in the hair. Let the hair air dry and avoid using blow dries on your hair.

Diet: Maintain a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and water. When we talk fruits, we mean the fresh stuff at the organic market not the frozen and canned trash which has more preservatives than nutrients.

Drinking water is an important practice for good health and not just for dry hair. People will often take lots of water in summer when they feel really dehydrated. They take less or none in winter yet the heating in buildings can suck moisture from the skin. By having a well hydrated body, you will have healthy skin and hair. Water is also an important detox agent to help your body to eliminate dirt thus enhance healthy look.

Self management: Avoid stressful activities, practice stress management and do not allow yourself to be stressed. Avoid or stop smoking.

Hair care: Use gentle products on your hair. Trim your hair often. Avoid dyeing your hair. When fastening your hair do not tie too tightly. Use soft pillow cases such as silk or satin.

Using professional products is recommended so that you get one that is suitable for your scalp and hair type. This includes shampoos, conditioners and treatments. Some products at the local drug store may seem attractive and even have “PH balanced” on their label. What you don’t get to know is that PH can only balance if it is similar to what is on your head. Since no two people are similar, PH balanced means nothing at all. Most professional product lines have different stuff for different people.

Sun Protection: Use sun protection products on your hair. When going out into the sun, you should wear a hat.

Natural remedies: You can use natural remedies to treat dry hair and scalp. These include apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil. ACV is best applied as a rinse after using a gentle shampoo since it helps to balance the PH on your scalp. Apply a natural moisturizer such as yogurt or honey masks.

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