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Wrinkles On Forehead

How To Reduce Wrinkles On Forehead At Home

The passage of time brings our bodies to certain seasons and this is true of wrinkles on forehead. Along with age comes the occurrence of age defining markers especially on the face. The skin becomes prone to wrinkles due to moisture loss and reduced elasticity. Collagen is the substance that gives skin its elasticity and helps it to tighten.

Apart from the strong facial expressions people are apt to make, micro movements by the muscles contribute significantly to wrinkle formation. A reduction in the production of collagen makes one susceptible to loose and sagging skin which is wrinkled. As the skin ages, less collagen is produced and this also causes the skin to thin out lacking the taut appearance of younger skin.

What causes wrinkles?

While genes have an influence on how our body reacts to things, the things we put our body through often conditions it in a certain way. Genes have been taken as the master in all things; determining how you look, and even how you age. However in recent times, science has also discovered that your lifestyle affects your genes. In effect, only 30% of your aging will be affected by your genes, the balance is for you to determine.

7 ways to prevent wrinkles

There are many dermatologically formulated solutions to wrinkles on forehead. From chemical peels, prescription creams, pills to Botox and liposuction, the possibilities abound. It is also possible to keep away wrinkles for as long as you need using simple practices at home.

Protect your face from the sun
The skin is your body’s defense against the varying elements of heat, cold, wind and the sun. Continuous exposure to these elements takes a toll on your skin whether you realize it or not. Wearing sunblock or sunscreen is an important practice particularly between 10 am to 4pm when the sun is hottest. However, care should be taken not to eliminate the sun altogether since it is the source of Vitamin D. Further studies seem to suggest that exposure to the sun mutates genes in a way that encourages formation of wrinkles on forehead.

Take enough water
Water is one of the most important compounds in a human body because it is the main component. Water is lost daily through sweating and more of it is required for detoxification. Having enough water in the body has been found to reduce the risk of diseases as well as encouraging healthy cell growth. Hydrating the body keeps the skin healthy and fuller. It also enables the body to clean up and detox thus preventing skin conditions that can cause premature aging of the skin.

Use Antioxidants
As human beings age, the greatest risk to good health is the presence of free radicals in the body. They are volatile molecules which can fasten themselves to your cells or DNA causing unhealthy mutations. Antioxidants are the best solution to defend the body against free radicals. They are found in fruits, creams and oils.

Use gentle skin care products
Do not use harsh products on the face. As much as possible, only plain water should be used. In order to stimulate circulation, it is best to splash cold water on your face in the morning. Cleaning your face with hot water should be avoided as it results in sagging skin.

Healthy lifestyle
The life you live impacts every aspect of your body and livelihood. Lifestyle choices have consequences on how you age. Smoking is a lifestyle choice that is associated with different health problems. The more one smokes the more they are likely to wrinkle even at a young ages. Smoking contributes to aging, damages collagen and changes the color of the lips.

Eat healthy foods
You are what you eat. Your diet should give you all the nutrients you need for your day to day health and activities. Proteins and vitamins are very essential for giving you a healthy body and impacting how you look. If you don’t have the right nutrients, your body will be deficient and some impact of this is on the face.

Facial massage
Facial massages have several benefits and even help to remove wrinkles. They are caused by tension in the muscles which can be relaxed by a 40 second massage. Care should be taken not to touch the delicate skin around the eyes.

Home remedies for wrinkles on forehead

Common household products have been used for ages to improve appearance and get rid of wrinkles on forehead.

Natural oils
Natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil have antioxidants that give them healing properties for your skin. You can use them to cleanse, massage or even moisturize the face. As your skin gets rejuvenated, the wrinkles will also fade away leaving you with younger looking skin.

Facial masks
Masking the face has the result of opening pores and tightening. Homemade masks can be done easily using honey, bananas, eggs, lemon juice, aloe vera, cucumber etc. They have a good supply of necessary vitamins A, B, C and E as well as minerals.

Vitamins and minerals
Topical application of vitamins and minerals helps the skin to neutralize free radicals which could cause damage. Taking them in food has almost similar results though absorption in the body is subject to different factors in the body. Useful minerals are potassium, copper, selenium and zinc.

Vitamin C when applied on the skin topically helps to fade dark spots, remove acne and rejuvenate skin. Vitamin E rejuvenates and revitalizes the kin due to its moisturizing properties. Vitamin B slows down the aging process while Vitamin E protects the skin from free radical damage.

Facial massages to remove wrinkles

The best time to massage your skin is before bed time so that your face can relax as you sleep. Another massage in the morning revives the skin. Use a gentle oil to help the fingers to slide smoothly on the face.

stress forehead wrinklesUse this procedure for maximum benefits:
First cleanse your skin. Ensure your hands are clean too. Then rub some oil or maybe better will be Revitol cream in your palm gently to warm it. Place your palms on your cheeks and massage gently anticlockwise. To prevent or remove wrinkles on forehead, move your palms gently over your forehead in upward motion. Next, use your index finger and middle finger together. Massage the area between your eye brows for about 30 seconds. Press the temples gently for 10 seconds. Press the jaw joints lightly for another 10 seconds as you clench your teeth.

Repeat the procedure daily to get faster results.

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