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How Many Calories Are In Strawberries?

Strawberries are a favorite fruit since they are both tasty and highly nutritious. Many people would like to know how many calories are in strawberries for different reasons. However, it is easier to study the fruit as a whole so that its overall contribution to the diet and health of an individual can be established. They have high vitamin and mineral content which are essential for the human body. They also have added nutrients referred to as anti-oxidants which help the body to deal with harmful food substances. There are reliable sources of nutrition facts for strawberries that indicate they are also good for the heart.

How Many Calories Are In Strawberries?So, how many calories are in strawberries?

While the actual calorie content of a strawberry is dependent on its size, they all fall between 2 and 6 calories. What one should consider is the fact that they are measured either by the cup or by the ounce. This is the measure which determines the number of calories one gets when they eat the strawberries. However, the amount of calories in fresh strawberries is much less than the amount in other products such as cakes, smoothies, yogurts and the like.

Nutrition facts for strawberries available on the internet do indicate that they are useful in lowering blood pressure and dealing with harmful cholesterol. The fiber in strawberries is important in aiding digestion thus contributes to proper metabolism. Antioxidants present in the fruit stop the formation of harmful fats thus it is good for weight management. They also prevent build up of cancer causing substances. The amount of calories in fresh strawberries is not a problem to weight management. Moreover, these fruits contain a high amount of vitamin C that makes them a great addition to any diet.

A Strawberry Contain Between 2 And 6 Calories

If you are wondering how many calories are in strawberries so as to indulge in dessert, you will probably consume 200 calories in one serving of strawberry shortcake. This would also require that the whipped cream used here be of the fat free variety. More good news is that the popular strawberry shortcake has only a negligible amount of fat. There are many foods and drinks that include strawberry but then one has to be careful to count the amount of calories gained from the other ingredients in the recipe. This is a great way to get the calories in fresh strawberries while keeping with the recommended daily intake.

If you are trying a diet solution to lose weight, it is possible that you have tried a few and probably not got the desired results. Once you have determined how many calories are in strawberries it is time to move on and look for other foods to add onto your diet. It is easy to switch those fruits that either you do not like or which are not readily available if you have determined how to cater for the calories amounts required. However, it is also important to know that not all fruits can meet the nutrition facts for strawberries and this may not have the best results.

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