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How Many Calories Are In A Banana?

How many calories are in a banana? This is an important consideration for anyone who is aiming to maintain good health and proper weight. It is a requirement for health that one eats the recommended daily intake of calories in order to keep healthy while maintaining an optimal weight. Fruits are a favorite of many people mainly due to the taste but also due to the fact that they less likely to have high calorie content. The amount of carbs in a banana has been calculated by different nutritionists since it helps one to know how many calories are in a banana. They have also discovered several healthy facts about bananas that make it one of the most important fruits.

how many calories are in a bananaIn order to know exactly how many calories are in a banana, this is determined by the size. As expected, the calorie content increases with size. Bananas have been used by athletes for a long time in place of glucose because they give an instant charge. Research has indicated that they are rich not just in carbohydrates but also in potassium that adds to the healthy facts about bananas. When someone eats a banana, they are also consuming fiber which is important for digestion and overall good health. The amount of carbs in a banana is higher in dried bananas than in the fresh ones.

By eating fruits as compared to other foods such as snacks, or fatty foods, one can be able to cut down their calorie intake by half or more. In order to get all the nutrition form bananas, one should look for ripe yellow bananas when they are still firm. Fruits are an important part of any diet be it a weight loss diet or just a normal diet. The healthy facts about bananas make it an ideal addition to the fruit shopping list. Make sure you do calculate the amount of carbs in a banana so that you will not exceed the diet recommended intake. Ripe bananas also have a small amount of proteins and fat.

The Large Banana Have 120, Medium 105 And Smaller 90 Calories

Many weight loss solutions in the world today are focusing on the health benefits of fruit. There is no need to be alarmed over the high amount of carbs in a banana. While a cup of mashed bananas can have as much as or higher than 50g of carbohydrates, they are ranked low on the glycemic index. Moreover, most of the carbs in a banana are composed of sugars such as fructose which may be easy to break down. More healthy facts about bananas reveal that after eating bananas one has already taken around 10% of their recommended daily fiber intake.

Now that we have established how many calories are in a banana, it is possible to have them as part of a highly successful health program. Moreover, there are other healthy facts about bananas since they have micro nutrients which are important for health. Potassium is an important compound that has not been widely available in other fruits.

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