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How to apply eye makeup in few simple steps

How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

Eyes are a perfect compliment to your body. They tend to mirror what is going on inside your body and soul. Make up is used to add beauty and define the features of the face that we want to accentuate more. Eye makeup comes in different forms. By learning how to apply smokey eye makeup you can instantly transform how you look from day to day or day to night.

Many people struggle with shaky hands and give up on the eye make up altogether. But there are easy ways to deal with this problem. Concealer does not just conceal scars on your face. You can use it to instantly hide make up smudges. You can also use a smudge brush to remove excess or out of place eyeliner.

Eyeshadow – everyone should know about it

As you learn how to apply smokey eye makeup you should know about eye shadow. To achieve the perfect eye shadow effect, you need at least two colors and an eye shadow brush. One is a light or neutral eyeshadow the other is dark color. Eyes shadow gives you a fuller look and conceals dark circles on the eyes.

  • Start with the neutral color. Run your brush over and then shake off excess shadow. It is not advisable to use your finger (as many people do) because hands are apt to carry germs that are harmful and could bring infection to your eyes.
  • Apply onto the whole eyelid, starting at the lash line up to the area above the crease.
  • Repeat the steps with the darker eye shadow but do not apply to the inner half of the eyelid.
  • Run the brush lightly over the eyelid more times to blend the color.
  • For a darker look apply more of the darker eyeshadow.
  • Even if you don’t like eyeshadow, you can instantly transform eyeliner to give you the eyeshadow effects. Just add a little glitter over your eyeliner.
  • Cover your eyelids with white eyeliner to bring more life to a dull eyeshadow. This blocks your skin color and provides a perfect base for eye shadow.

Tricks for perfect eyelashes

  • Before applying mascara, ensure the brush does not have excess mascara.
  • Apply a thicker coat at the root and a lighter coat at the end. You do this by putting mascara first on the roots, back and forth and comb through the tips once. This will keep your lashes holding longer.
  • Use normal mascara first then top it with water proof mascara to improve staying power and prevent smearing.
  • Apply mascara on both sides of your lashes to make your lashes look thicker
  • If your mascara shows clumps, brush over your lashes with a clan toothbrush to remove the excess.
  • Do not use mascara after three months. Always dispose opened bottle after this time.

How to apply smokey eye makeup – useful eyeliner tips

how to apply smokey eye makeupHaving the right eyeliner is the first step in accomplishing your make up goals. One useful tips to show you how to apply smokey eye makeup is knowing your products and how they work.

There are three types of eyeliner: Pencil eyeliner, gel liners and liquid liners. Pencil eyeliner is the easiest to apply but may not give you a smooth effect. Gel liners have a matte effect. Liquid eyeliners are precise but can take a little while to dry. Here we look at 15 useful eyeliner tips that any modern woman can use to achieve great effects.


1. Use a matching eyeshadow to set your eyeliner. Start with the liner and then dust the same color of eyeshadow lightly. This will set your eyeliner in place and make your look last longer.
2. Use pencil liner to guide you when applying liquid liner. If you don’t have steady hands yet or cannot make out a perfect line, this is your best tip.
3. A wet liner brush can be used to create eye liner from eyeshadow. On those days when you can’t find your color, this is a useful tip
4. Gel or liquid liner is best for those who can’t find a perfect line. The liquid eyeliner will help you to draw one perfectly.
5. White eyeliner can give you an eye lift when used to highlight the eyebrows. Use it both below and above the eyebrows then wipe it off leaving a very thin film.
6. Can’t draw a perfect line? Draw an imperfect one then work on it using a little cotton wool with Vaseline. You can also draw over the line using an eye liner that’s the same color as your skin.
7. You can get a perfect eye line by dotting and then connecting the dots lightly.
8. Freezing eyeliner will help you to prevent it from crumbling and messing up the rest of your make up.
9. Mascara can be used as eyeliner if you have a good liner brush. Just take some of the mascara off the brush and use it to line your eyes.
10. Play with the colors. Brown eyeliner is more flattering than black as it is less harsh.
11. White eyeliner can be used to create a perfect base for dull eyeshadow.
12. Eye liners will give you different effects based on their colors.
13. Use water proof eyeliner to ensure it keeps even if your eyes water at some point.
14. Apply your eyeliner as close as possible to your lashes.
15. Use black eyeliner to blend your false eyelashes in with your real eye lashes.

Mistakes you’re making with your eye pencil

There is no perfect trick to show you how to apply smokey eye makeup in few simple steps. However there are some common mistakes you could be making with your eye pencil that affect the effect you get.

  • Gaps between your eye liner and eye lashes – Leaving gaps between eye lashes and eyeliner is a common mistake in eyeliner application. You should get close enough to have the liner touch lashes.
  • Using same thickness of eye liner all over – Applying too much eye pencil on the inner corners of your eye could cause a mixed look. Run your eye pencil over the outer half more to give a thicker color and lighter on the inside.
  • Drawing one continuous line – Attempts to draw a continuous line usually give the worst results. It is best to use small light strokes to achieve a straight line.
  • No mascara – Using eye pencil without mascara will give you an unfinished look. Mascara is an important part of making up your face and complements your eyeliner perfectly.

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