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How to get rid of grey hair naturally at home

How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair Naturally At Home

The appearance of grey hair has different impacts on different people. For some people, it is unbearable and therefore they will immediately search for how to get rid of grey hair. Others are willing to ride the tide and embrace their new look. One impact of the world going green is that more and more people don’t want to use chemicals so they need natural ways to remove grey hair.

What causes grey hair?

This should be the first question asked by anyone who is searching for methods, remedies or how to get rid of grey hair.

Sometimes premature greying could be caused by a build up of toxins around the hair shafts. This causes damage to the color pigments leading to premature greying of hair. Some of the likely causes of greying hair are: genetics, lifestyle, ethnicity, vitiligo, vitamin deficiency, stress, aging, high intake of tobacco, Hypothyroidism, anemia, malnutrition, tuberous sclerosis or pollution.

Does stress really make your hair go grey faster?

Stress has been cited as one of the causes of premature greying of hair. Aging is a natural process which is however accelerated due to oxidative stress. A color pigment called melanin is what gives color to our skin and hair. When the melanin cells at the root of the hair decline, the hair becomes grey. Greying of hair is natural but in the 20’s and early 30’s it is definitely premature. It can zap anyone’s confidence and cause feelings of helplessness.

Healthy foods for healthy hair

Healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to combat the occurrence of premature grey in hair. Greying of hair indicates a reduction of the melanin pigment. Several minerals and vitamins are required to support normal body functions including healthy hair and pigmentation.

Here are some of the useful supplements for maintaining healthy hair:

Vitamin B12
Greying of hair could be an indicator of Vitamin B12 deficiency – pernicious anemia. B vitamins have a huge role to play in enabling brain functions, stimulating growth and maintaining the natural hair color. Deficiency of vitamin B could be caused by inadequate intake or poor absorption.

Vitamin C
Free radicals cause a lot of damage to the human body. They also make people age faster as well as predisposing people to illnesses such as cancer. To get rid of grey hair completely, the process must come from inside and not outside.

7 ways to prevent grey hair

For many people, dying their grey hair is a simple solution – but how to get rid of grey hair completely? It can get taxing and time consuming because you have to keep dying the hair as it grows out. There are a few natural ways to get rid of grey hair without dying.

Here we look at 7 ways to prevent grey hair naturally at home.

curry leavesCurry leaves
Curry leaves have vitamin B which is useful in restoring natural color of hair and preventing premature greying of hair. Coconut oil moisturizes hair. It also restores vitamins and nutrients strengthening the hair follicles and thus preventing the appearance of grey hair. Apply this tonic twice weekly in order to achieve the restoration of hair color.

Combine hibiscus, coconut oil, amla and curry leaves to create an effective grey hair remedy. Hibiscus stimulates the scalp to enhance blood flow and rejuvenate the hair. It has several medicinal qualities including delaying the appearance of grey hair. Massage the infusion into the scalp every night at bedtime for a month to get results.

A combination of amla, almond oil and lemon juice is another simple remedy to prevent growth of grey hair effectively. Amla has the highest amount of Vitamin C amongst all fruits and vegetables. Almond oil is a good source of magnesium which is essential for proper body functions. It also helps to maintain healthy hair and prevent or reverse premature greying.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil and lemon juice can be use together to fight greying, hair falling off and to strengthen hair. Repeat the application twice every week until you achieve the desired hair color.

One of the easiest options to treat grey hair is the use of fenugreek and coconut oil. Fenugreek is a good source of lecithin and amino acids that are useful in treating grey hair. Coconut oil on the other hand has vitamins and minerals. This is an excellent combination to get rid of grey hair.

Eucalyptus oil stimulates follicles by increasing blood flow around them. This leads to growth of healthy hair. It is combined with amla, eggs, and lemon juice to create an effective solution. Amla or Indian gooseberry is highly effective since time immemorial to cure greying hair. It is a rich source of vitamin C which fights oxidation and greying of hair. Eggs are a good source of vitamins, fatty acids and proteins which are useful for maintaining good health.

Amaranth Leaves
Amaranth leaves contain minerals that are helpful in revitalizing the hair growth. Continuous use stimulates the hair follicles and restores the normal hair color.

A combination of fenugreek, henna, coffee, mint, basil, yogurt and makes an excellent hair conditioner. Fenugreek contains amino acids that are the building blocks of body cells including the hair.  Henna has natural color pigments to dye hair without any side effects or chemicals. Basil helps in stimulating the hair follicles to produce healthier hair. Mint contains vitamins and minerals and is therefore a good antioxidant which is beneficial in maintaining the hair follicles. Yogurt is a milk derivative and thus contains proteins and nutrients. It nourishes the hair shaft and gives hair a healthy and shiny appearance. Repeat the application of this remedy thrice weekly to get results.

Home grey hair remedies

Remedies for grey hair are numerous in the market and most of them can even be applied at home. We have looked at how to get rid of grey hair using natural products that are found at home. One can use hair dye, henna, coconut oil, amla, lemon, fenugreek, coffee etc.

Apart from the topical remedies, there are also a wide range of supplements and vitamins that stimulate hair growth. Sometimes, grey hair is a result of deficiencies and use of supplements can help to restore the natural balance of minerals, enzymes etc.

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