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What Causes Dry Skin On Face, Legs or Hands

Dry skin is a common phenomenon amongst people of all ages, races and descent. However, some races are more predisposed to getting dry skin than others. It is not easy to categorize skin as dry or find out what causes dry skin on face. Many of us can switch from dry to normal or oily depending on our diets and our reaction to various environmental factors. Dry skin happens on lower legs, the arms, thighs and the flanks. Dry skin could also be a symptom of some disease, infection or even stress. Symptoms of dry skin include itching, dryness, scaling and cracking.

The human skin protects the flesh from direct contact with the elements – the sun, wind, air. These are the main contributors to dry skin. While many people are tempted to just hide dry skin under long pants and long sleeves the best solution is to replenish the skin by understanding dry skin. This will continue giving you the defense you need. In addition, your skin will recover and become a beautiful smooth again.

What causes dry skin on face and your body

what causes dry skin on hands, legs or around the eyesThe causes of dry skin are varied starting from harsh products, the environmental elements, weather, diet and infection. Your ability to identify what causes dry skin on face will help you to figure out a solution faster. Here we look at 5 factors that are known to cause dry skin.

Cold/Winter Weather
Temperature drops bring a drop in the humidity levels which causes skin dryness. Research has shown that in winter there are more patients with dry and itchy skin. This may be made trickier by the fact that even having thermostats in the house does not really help.

Indoor heating elements may dry the air and your skin even more. You can deal with this by installing a humidifier.  This enables you to set the right humidity and temperature for your house. Unfortunately, when you have to go out, you still have to face the cold weather. Create a moisture barrier for this by covering your sensitive parts such as face, hands and lips.

Hot showers
Steamy showers feel good but they are bad for the skin. So, what causes dry skin on face and your body? Too much heat dries up the body and strips the skin of essential oils. It is best to shower with cold water – or just as cold as your body can take. Lukewarm water will soothe your body without taking away the natural oils. Do not shower too regularly – if possible, you should bathe every third day as opposed to daily. You can wipe the sensitive parts such as armpits with a damp cloth.

Cleansing products/soaps
Harsh soaps that we use on the skin – often branded as multi-purpose soaps are not good for you. They interfere with the skin by taking away the natural oil barrier. Instead, understanding dry skin will make you to use a gentle cleanser that is specifically for dry skin. Dove soaps have been found to be very gentle on different types of skin. In addition to reducing bathing time, one should only use soap on the feet, hands, face, genital area and the underarms.

When your body lacks enough water you become dehydrated. You skin is the mirror of your body and it will definitely show through dry and or cracked skin. It is important to drink enough water daily for overall good health. 6-8 glasses of water daily has been touted as the right amount but one should also respond to their body needs.

Disease/ Infections/ Allergies
Dry skin could be caused by skin infections such as eczema. It could also be an indicator of problems in the body. On understanding dry skin, one should deal with the medical problem. In eczema, one should use cortisone creams as well as moisturizer to revitalize the skin. If itching is prevalent, avoid scratching as it could cause bruises and cuts. If your skin is reacting due to an allergy, stay away from the allergy triggers. Deal with medical problems as soon as they are identified to give your skin the healing it needs.

Should I dry brush my skin?

what causes dry skin on faceDry brushing is a simple technique of dealing with dry skin on legs. Sometimes the dry skin on your legs and arms might turn powdery. In this case you can use dry skin brushing technique. This is done using a simple brittle brush that is not too hard so it won’t hurt the skin. Run it slowly, gently over the legs or arms for a few minutes before you shower. Once you shower, apply pure moisturizing oil such as coconut, olive, almond or castor oil.

Dry brushing is effective but should only be applied if the individual, is comfortable with it. Don’t use this technique if you have identified a medical problem.

How to treat dry skin?

Revitol Eczema CreamExposure to the sun should be well checked and minimized. Between 10 am – 4pm when the sun is hottest, it is best to stay away as much as possible. When going out into the sun, always apply a good quality broad-spectrum sunscreen on exposed parts. Use a sun hat to give better protection to the delicate skin on your face and around the eyes. Over exposure to the sun also puts one at a high risk of cancer.

Apply your oil straight from the shower when your skin is not completely dry. When drying yourself using a towel, do not be too harsh in rubbing, rather pat your skin dry. Use alcohol free, scent free moisturizers on your skin as much as possible. Lanolin based lotions have been found to have lasting moisturizing properties on skin. Apply oils, creams, ointments to lubricate your skin as often as twice or thrice a day. In fact, this step should be repeated whenever you feel a need to do so. You can use this very helpful Revitol Eczema Cream, it helps to prevent the recurrence of extra-dry skin.

Do you know what to eat to keep skin healthy?

Adjust your eating to include healthy foods for the skin and vital nutrients that are known to help the skin. Cold water fish, green leafy vegetables, pure vegetable oils and fruits are useful for keeping the body – and by extension – the skin healthy. Look for ways to get Vitamin E, Vitamin A and omega 3 into your diet to improve your skin. If your body is suffering from malnutrition or deficiencies, you can take supplements to improve your diet. However, natural products are more readily absorbed than tablets and should always be the first choice.

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