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Most unhealthy foods you should avoid

Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid

Which are the most unhealthy foods to avoid? This is a confusing question. If food is unhealthy, why is anyone eating it? Why is it still on the shelves? Basically, foods are all different in nutrient content and appearance. Some foods do more harm than good to your body and they are better left alone. When we refer to unhealthy foods, we do not just mean fattening. We mean exposing your body to lifestyle diseases and yes, giving too many calories without meaningful nutrition in the body.

All Foods are not equal. The physical, chemical and nutritional components are fundamentally different. In the body, different metabolic processes are applied to each. Different foods have different influences on our bodies – hunger, calories and hunger.

Why we should not eat junk food?

Human beings are accustomed to eating the same amount of food every day. As a first step to better health, you must take the right amount of calories according to your BMR and level of daily activity. Junk food is usually loaded up with calories in addition to having unhealthy spices. Dried foods such as crisps have more calories than an equal serving of fresh food. They also do not contain water or fiber making it difficult for the body to digest and that is why they are among the most unhealthy foods.

Sugary drinks
Sugar is the most unhealthy food in modern times, it is worse when available as a drink. Sugar leads to a spike in insulin which could lead to tiredness, diabetes and other chronic problems. Calories in drinks are not even registered in the body and this could be a leading cause of obesity.

Sugar present in soda, juices, ice cream is the unhealthiest form of sugar. While some juices may contain vitamins and antioxidants, it is important to weigh them against the harmful processed sugars present. Instead look for real fruits or nutritious juices such as pomegranate.

Processed foods
Highly processed foods are one of most unhealthy foods to avoid. They have low nutrient content if at all, high calories, many artificial chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. Real food should be the ingredient in a pack, if you are struggling to decipher a long list of ingredients on a food pack then it is not good for your health.

Pizzas, bread, cakes and other common wheat products are normally made from processed wheat, refined sugar and unhealthy fats. The processing removes the fiber and other useful nutrients leaving only a tasteless shell. They are devoid of real nutrients and instead have empty calories. To improve the taste and market the products, manufacturers add too many spices, sugar and salt.

Artificial sweeteners
So many people had switched to artificial sweeteners from sugar as they were regarded as healthy. However, research has now indicated that they are one of the most unhealthy foods. They are highly refined and contain high levels of artificial fructose. The only healthy form of fructose is one that comes directly from whole fruits.

Industrial vegetable oils
Refined vegetable oils have been celebrated as being a healthier alternative to vegetable and animal fats. However, the increased consumption of vegetable oils has been accompanied by an increase in health problems in the last century. While more research is required to figure out the connection if any, the oils can cause oxidative stress to the human body. The oils are linked to increased prevalence of cancer and lifestyle diseases which are directly related to oxidation.

healthy-eating-dietArtificial trans fats
Oils or unsaturated fats can be hydrogenated, that is being chemically modified with hydrogen to enable them to solidify at room temperature. It also lengthens their shelf life.

They increase bad cholesterol (LDL) levels while lowering the good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. This leads to serious health problems especially after long periods of use.

Healthy foods that make you full

Natural fresh foods are good in the place of most unhealthy foods because they have more water and fiber. This is why nutritionists advice one to have more of the fresh stuff which will lead to feelings of fullness. Here are some of the healthy foods that keep you full for longer:

Green leafy vegetables include spinach, kale, collards etc. They have high vitamin content, fiber, antioxidants and minerals. They have low calorie content thus they will increase the meal volume without increasing your calorie intake. This will make you full.

Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts fall into the category of cruciferous vegetables. Like the green leafy vegetables, they are rich in fiber and water content thus they are filling.

Lean meat and eggs
Lean meat is a good source of protein that could also keep you feeling fuller for longer. Oily fish has been found to contain healthy fats that aid the body’s functions. Salmons, sardines, trout, mackerel are some of the common oily fish. They will give you feeling of satiety for longer. They also have high levels of healthy proteins, omega 3, iodine and minerals.

Eating eggs in the morning can help one to eat less for the following time. Because they have a high protein content and healthy fats, you will eat very little of them and yet you will feel fuller for a longer time.

Legumes and whole grains
Legumes such as lentils, beans, green grams etc all contain high levels of fiber and protein. These ate the two nutrients that have been found to increase the feeling of satiety. Legumes are great protein sources for vegetarians and people who cannot tolerate animal proteins.

Whole grains have high fiber content that increases feeling s of satiety while improving digestion.

Fruits are readily available in local organic stores. They contain healthy sugars, fiber and water that are essential for the body. Fruits and vegetables have a low energy density because they have high amounts of water. Fruits typically take energy and time to chew so the sugar levels in the blood do not spike. This is what makes one get fuller faster and eat less.

Dairy products
In this category we have cheese, yogurt and they all have high proteins. They also have a little carbohydrates and fat. They are very satiating meaning you will full with very little amounts and still have a sufficient protein intake. Other nutrients in dairy products are calcium.

Nuts have a high fat content but they are not necessarily fattening. One should not overindulge but get a balanced amount of protein, healthy fats and fiber. Not only do nuts improve metabolism, they also keep one fuller for longer.

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