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how to remove dandruff from hair

Oh No! Dandruff, How To Remove Dandruff From Hair?

The TV doctors are all over. They watched this advertisement where this lady with a beautiful brown suit had unsightly white flakes falling on her shoulder. The condition was diagnosed instantly – it’s dandruff. But is it? And now they are prescribing dandruff shampoo to their colleagues, family, friends and anyone who cares to listen.

If it is not really dandruff then what is it?

It is worse because we trust our hairdressers to a fault. Yes they are experts at what they do – making hair – but they are not medical practitioners. Only a doctor can diagnose a medical problem and give prescriptions for it.

Following a healthy skin care routine can be useful in managing hair conditions. There are also various home remedies that can be used to stop dandruff. Natural remedies may be slow but they are highly effective. Extended dandruff infection could lead to loss of hair and eventual baldness. Therefore it is important to have a clue on how to remove dandruff from hair in case of such eventualities.

Dandruff vs dry hair, what’s the difference?

Many people think they have dandruff while in fact they are surfing from dry scalp/hair. It is possible for the scalp to be so dry that it flakes and itches. However, dandruff can be present even in an oily scalp and seems to be prevalent in the same. Dry skin is a skin condition while dandruff is an infection.

Dry hair is a condition in which the scalp is dry to the extent of producing tiny white flakes. The causes are as varied as there are people suffering from it. It can be hereditary meaning there is nothing much you can do about it. It can also be a sign of insufficient oil secretion, dehydration or peeling of the scalp. Dry scalp may be caused by insufficient water intake, washing hair too regularly or with too hot water, season changes, using harsh products on hair. Irritation and itching may be some of the signs of dry hair.

Dandruff is caused by excess production of sebum. It is characterized by larger waxy flakes. They can be white, yellow or grayish and often fall in clusters rather than tiny flakes. There are various causes including oily skin, presence of bacteria and fungi on the scalp or other inflammatory conditions of the skin. The yeast that is naturally present on the scalp may over grow and feed on the dead skin cells and the excess oil. This causes the skin to shed faster and harden into clumps that stick on the skin.

What causes dandruff in hair?

Dandruff is most often the result of too much oil in hair that causes blocked pores. Bacteria that are present in the skin may multiply too much because of the moist environment of the greasy hair. The secretions of these bacteria irritate the scalp causing it to produce more oil and harden in parts. Dandruff is a medical condition which can only be diagnosed by a doctor. However, they symptoms include itching, redness and sometimes even a burning sensation.

Medically dandruff has been attributed to bacteria and fungi and it is sometimes sufficiently treated using anti-fungal creams and shampoos. However, the prevalence and spread is most possibly due to the oily skin.

Does olive oil help for dandruff in hair?

The answer is yes! It does help and effectively so! Olive oil has been popular since the early ages as a solution to many human issues. Not only is it used in salad but also topical application yields amazing results. Olive oil heals the scalp completely.

You do not need extensive treatment for olive oil to work. Just massage the oil on your hair and scalp thoroughly 30 minutes before washing will unclog the pores and clear up everything. Warm olive oil is preferable to the cold one so as to melt the waxy collections on the skin. Repeat application may be necessary after some time to completely get rid of dandruff.

Ok, how to remove dandruff from hair instantly?

dandruffThere are as many solutions for dandruff as there are seekers of how to remove dandruff from hair. It easily leads one to try out magic oils, shampoos, super foods, herbs, spices, yoga and exercise, fruits and vegetables. But all it takes is one solution to give you the happiness you deserve and the beautiful hear you keep dreaming off.

To remove dandruff from hair instantly, you can apply a variety of methods. While too much washing could be harsh on your hair, it is important to cleanse often to remove the flakes in hair. Aloe Vera gel is recommended for all skin types since it allows the skin to heal itself. This should be applied every night to get rid of dandruff completely. It is important to keep away from chemicals, shampoos and solutions that could do more harm than good.

Ready made products are rarely effective because there is no one solution that works for everybody. On the contrary, chemicals used in manufacture could make the problem even worse. Different skin types need different products and yet not many make this distinction. Medicated Dandruff shampoo which can be bought over the counter may still be effective. However as much as possible, medical intervention should only be engaged under the help of a dermatologist.

Some of the most effective natural remedies for dandruff are lemon juice, onion juice, coconut oil, olive oil, baking soda, fenugreek, aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, apple cider vinegar or neem. Many people use a combination of at least two of the natural remedies. After cleansing your hair with shampoo, these will revitalize the hair and also get rid of all traces of dandruff left in hair. Read more about irritating itch, dry or dandruff hair here.

Olive oil is a popular remedy for dandruff. It works by loosening the waxy or scaly parts on the scalp, breaking it into smaller pieces that can come out as the hair is washed or brushed. Tea tree oil is also useful in enabling the scalp rejuvenate and grow. As a new scalp is formed, one can get rid of dandruff completely with continues washing.

It is not enough to get rid of existing dandruff. The best solution is to identify what is causing dandruff in your hair and how to remove dandruff from hair. Of importance is to maintain cleanliness, not just of the head and hair but also the beddings. It has been suggested that one should change their pillow case daily to prevent re-infection.

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