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Why Is My Hair So Oily After One Day

Why Is My Hair So Oily After One Day?

Oily and greasy hair can be very annoying! It makes it so hard for me to spot my favorite pony tail for more than a day. Having too much oil on the hair is not even healthy! So, why is my hair so oily even after washing it?

It causes one to have stringy and limp hair especially in the morning. Oil is a natural secretion in the body out of the sebaceous glands. They are all over the body and even at the hair roots. This oil is what keeps the hair shiny and vibrant in good balance. When there is more oil secreted than what is needed, it causes hair to be greasy.

What is oily and greasy hair?

Oily and greasy hair is hair that appears stringy as a result of the oil glands secreting too much oil. Other types of hair include dry hair and normal hair. An individual may switch between the three main types of hair as influenced by different factors such as diet, hormones, seasons and environment. In very bad cases the oil may block the pores and cause to dandruff or hair loss.

Find out what causes oily hair

Why is my hair so oily one day after washing? I keep asking. Different factors can contribute to one having oily scalp and hair. The first is genetic which makes oily hair hereditary. Certain pills and medications such as birth control pills and hormonal supplements are likely to increase the production of oil. Hormone changes and fluctuations also trigger the secretion of too much oil resulting in oily hair.

Teenagers go thorough very rapid hormonal changes which can send confusing signals to the sebaceous glands. General condition of the hair may also be a good indicator. People with fine hair will most likely have more oil glands on their scalp thus having oily hair.

Excessive sebum production has also been linked to unhealthy eating and lack of proper hair management. If the situation is very bad, deal with a dermatologist and get the right medication for your condition.

7 ways to make your hair less greasy

Regular washing
If you have oily hair, wash your hair every two days or three times a week. Do not wash the hair daily as it may dry the hair too much and cause adverse reaction in the production of too much oil to replenish. When you wash your hair, rinse it thoroughly to avoid leaving traces of shampoo. You can rinse the hair with a mixture of natural lemon juice or vinegar in warm water. Leave out the conditioning as the hair’s natural oil is sufficient conditioner.

Use right products
Nowadays the rise in use of technology has given us an upper hand in dealing with common issues. There are special products formulated though scientific research for oily and greasy hair. Get the right shampoo and moisturizer for your hair type. It may be necessary to check out a few before you get one that suits you. However you can also consult your hair care provider to recommend one that is alkaline. You should also use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to completely rid your scalp of residue and enhance the cleaning properties of your usual perfume.

Eat healthy diet
The first component of a healthy diet is sufficient water. When the body is sufficiently hydrated, it is able to eliminate toxins well. This can prevent build up and secretion of too much oil through the scalp. Oily and greasy foods on the other hand contribute to excessive oil in the body. Good amount of vegetables and fruits also contribute to general scalp health due to supply of essential vitamins. Vitamin B helps to maintain healthy hair and scalp and you should consciously incorporate it into your diet.

Use natural remedies
Natural products have been applied on the human body to deal with a multitude of problems. Oily hair may be helped by rinsing through with lemon water or vinegar. This will also get rid of all traces of oil or shampoo that was left over in rinsing.

Eliminate stress
Stress is associated with disabled work potentials and many lifestyle problems. Because stress is related to the emotions, it often affects the hormones as well causing havoc in how the body works. It is best to plan things carefully and avoid engaging your body in stress.

Regulate temperatures
High temperature is one of the stimulants of oil production. Therefore when washing hair, keep the water warm and not hot. Use the same tactic when it comes to blow drying – just blow air through. Hot water may completely dry the skin and thus stimulate more production of oil.

Keep hair short
Having long hair will trap health and keep producing too much oil. If this is an option for you, it is best to keep your hair short. Short hair is easier to wash and also to control the grease.

Can diet prevent greasy hair?

why is my hair so oilyI keep wondering and reading out loud, “Why is my hair so oily?” Well, like with most body issues, I believe that diet can prevent greasy hair, at least in part. Different studies support the idea that out diet could contribute to having greasy hair. Consumption of saturated fats is linked to many health problems including weight gain. Trans fats also contribute to greasy hair. They are found in vegetable oil, fried foods, margarine and most commercially baked goods.

Clinical studies have shown correlations between zinc and the production of sebum (oil), where the zinc effectively controlled the production. Zinc is found in foods such as oats, legumes and nuts. Dairy products are known to cause an increase in oil production for most people. Some of the hormones contained in milk can break into androgens which stimulate the production of oil in the scalp.

Water is known to increase overall cellular health and contribute to proper body functions. The intake of necessary vitamins, minerals should also be maintained to give your hair the right composition and a healthy look. Diets rich in sugar and bad fat should be avoided. Look out for foods with Essential fatty Acids such as nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds etc.

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