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How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week Without Starving – Maria Garcia

Weight loss is a wonderful journey to take when you have the right mindset. Many people are looking how to lose 10 pounds in a week without starving. For a long time I was that person seeking an elusive miracle. My self-esteem had plummeted so much that I did not even want to leave home. Day after day I was offline and online looking for the best diets that work. There is no shortage of solutions from friend, family and even the TV adverts.

I remember once when I was in college I could not stand the stares as I walked into the lecture hall. So my best friend introduced me to these magic pills that she had seen on TV. Sure enough we checked for information about them online and found a doctor who was recommending them. He also said that human studies had supported their efficacy. For me this was the quickest way to lose weight and I went ahead and purchased 3 month worth of pills. The problem that resulted for me was endless bloating. Now I was still over weight but also bloated.

How to lose 10 pounds in a week – my life before

I was always a chubby child and my mother must have thought that I would lose the weight as I grew up. But the weight stayed on and has been a major cause of stress in my life. My friends always seemed to be embarrassed when they are around me and even boys would never notice me. I have had my fair share of trials – anything that could even potentially help, just to help me get my life on track.

I have to admit I was not a perfect student. I would get up motivated one day and lose it all the next day. One time I actually managed to lose 12lb on a diet that involved lots of fasting. Unfortunately I was getting tired and I was losing energy so much that I could not work. My head was constantly dizzy even when I just got up from bed.

Many problems experienced by human beings in their bodies relate to the food they eat. Four main areas can contribute significantly to the state of your health and overall well-being. These are feeding, digestion, assimilation and elimination. If any of these four systems is not working properly you will have problems. Most overweight people have problems with their metabolism.

And after when I discovered the 3 week diet

the quickest way to lose weight As the saying goes, ‘the best things are free’. When I found this 3 week diet, I was not really looking. A friend just asked me if I would like to review a new product on my blog. I decided that I would make a review when I know exactly what the product is. And that was the start of my amazing journey with 3 week diet.

I will be very honest, I did not think this diet will work on me so the only reason I took it was because my friend paid for it. It was in my plan to look at the diet, review it and go on with my life. But the simplicity of it all took me aback. Just imagine having a diet plan worth $97 being given away at $47? Isn’t that just incredible?!

Will my parents and relatives recognize me after 3 weeks? Or will I have to wear plate around my neck with my name that they will recognize the new me? My freedom came at a price. I have had to make time to exercise and always have a backup plan when I cannot make it to the gym. The results are worth so much more – I am free to love and be loved, to go out and even eat a packet of crisps without having stares coming from all directions. For the first time in my life I felt understood. Yes, I have to control my eating but I do not need to starve myself to lose weight.

The author of this diet does not sugar coat or play mind games. No, he makes it clear that your effort will determine how much results you can accomplish. He has invested many years in research to come up with something that is adaptable for all regardless of where they are. I did not feel confident to take up this challenge knowing how many diets I had tried without getting any results. But then I read this amazing motivation manual that showed me how to control my thoughts and focus on my goals.

how to lose 10 pounds in a week by Maria GarciaMy world has been turned upside down – it seems everything I had read about the causes of weight gain is plain hogwash! I can eat meat and all my favorite foods so long as I apply some moderation. On days when I cannot make it to the gym, I have an alternative work out that gives me as good exercise as the gym, if not better. I never found a diet before that would understand what goes on at weddings. Yes, you don’t just pass up the cake.

I saw a few reviews of people claiming to have lost as much as 23 pounds in three weeks yet I did not believe it is possible. But I have lost 12 pounds yet I have been taking weekends off my diet. Once I understood the factors that make people lose weight, I was able to narrow in on what was affecting me. Diets can lie, people can lie, but science does not and that is the core of this diet plan.

The first step before undertaking any weight loss diet is to figure out what is causing your weight to be there. Sometimes, it could be a reaction to stressful events, excessive eating during the holidays etc. Once you have this figured out, you have to set a mental goal. Realistically assess your current state and mark what you plan to achieve within a stated time frame.

There is no diet that works for all people. Everyone must figure out his or her best option by knowing their body type and planning their meals appropriately. Moreover, motivation – at least for me – has helped me to pick up just when I had walked away. It is a lifelong process and since I have the right tools I am determined to keep going without looking back. Thanks to this diet I found how to lose 10 pounds in a week.

The challenge from Brian Flatt – 60 day money back guarantee – is too much to pass up. Take it and see.

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