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How to makeup face In 5 Minutes

How To Makeup Face In 5 Minutes

It would be great if you can get time to spend on making up your face each morning. Sadly, this is not always possible and you must perfect how to makeup face in 5 minutes. There are endless attention seeking activities, some of which we cannot brush off. You need to be up, helping kids get ready for school, making it to work on time, and still doing homework with the kids after work. Even getting up an hour early does not seem to help sometimes, there is still much to be done. You can barely make it to shower and be out of the house!

The face is the first thing people will notice about you. It conveys our emotions, feelings and health all at one time. We all desire to have a perfect face at all times. Make up goes a long way in helping plain people look attractive and those who are naturally attractive can as well accentuate their strong points. Make up is almost treated like a luxury yet its impact on the outlook of your whole day cannot be ignored. It infuses confidence while making you feel good about yourself. Not to worry though, those 5 minutes spent in a traffic snarl up can be all you needed to get your make up on and still look amazing.

How to prepare your face for early morning makeup?

Once in a while we all need to know how to makeup face in 5 minutes or less. There are those mornings where the alarm fails to work, or you just didn’t remember. Whatever the case, a no – make up day is not really an option for the modern woman. First you should know off head what you absolutely need versus what you can skip.

Planning ahead always saves time. As much as possible this should part of your bedtime routine. It is important to wake up knowing where everything is. Have your make up organized well at a good place and always try to return it after each application.

Wash your face before bedtime to remove make up and dirt. This is also handy in helping you to see any bruises, scars or concerns that you need to deal with when applying your make up the next morning.

In order to get consistently good results, you need to keep your face healthy. Also, ensure you keep your stuff ready, everything you need for your face. The first requirement for perfect make up is to have the three staples on you at all times: lip balm, lip gloss, mascara, foundation.

Cleanse your face when going to bed and let it breathe. You will be very fresh in the morning and ready to apply make up.

Lip Gloss is a staple for any woman whether you like using make up or you don’t. It comes in a variety of colors and shades and gives you the perfect glow. When buying lip gloss, consider whether you will be applying it alone or with lip stick. If the latter, you need a neutral color or one that is same as your lipstick. It takes 2- 5 seconds to apply lip gloss.

Foundation firms up your face and enables make up to hold. It also gives you an even complexion. Bronzer can add life and tone to your face when used in place of foundation.

Mascara is used to give a definition to eyes especially when you cannot get time to apply eye shadow or eye liner. Even one coat of mascara helps to thicken the lashes and will not take more than a minute.

Everything you need to know about face powders

Face powder comes in two forms – compact and loose – which are made to serve the same purpose. The main reason for applying powder is to absorb sweat that comes onto your face. It tightens face and gives a matte look. This keeps your make up holding for longer since it will not be affected by sweat. Powder also keeps the shiny unattractive look away. When foundation is used alone, it can easily melt and smudge on your face.

Loose powder gives a natural look and a lighter coverage. This blends in easily with your foundation and one cannot even tell the face has make up. Whether you are using lose or compact powder, you will assure yourself of good results if you use a make up brush. If you need something to carry, better have a compact case nearby.

Is there the right way to apply blush?

Is there the right way to apply blushBlush is a wonderful way to highlight your face and it is not just for kids. Yes there is a right way to apply blush to accentuate your best features and avoid having an overdone look. First, you need to choose the type of blush type that is good for your skin type.

Next, choose a color that is your natural blush color so that it will match your skin. Then get a good quality blush brush. Do not rely on cotton wool or sponges to do this.

Blush is the final touch to be added after you have applied other make up.
Put in a light dab of it on the apple of your cheeks – the point at which your normal blush appears. Blend it in well around the cheeks. If you have applied too much, use concealer to hide it.

What is the difference between pressed powder and loose powder?

When giving tips on how to makeup face I often get asked for the difference between pressed powder and loose powder. The difference is in consistency- I say. Loose powder is thoroughly milled thus making it have very small particles. This makes it easy to apply and get different results as required. Compressed powder on the other hand has larger particles and additives to make it hold together. You will often find compact powder in small palm sized containers that have a mirror and sponge on the inside.

Make up artists will choose loose powder any time since it can give a perfect “made up” look. On the whole though, the difference between compact and lose powder is nothing – how you apply it is the difference. The problem most people see with compact powder is that the sponge usually tends to cake the powder.

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