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how to lose belly fat naturally

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally With Success – Michelle Pruitt

I am really tired of hearing how being overweight is not equal to being unhealthy. “So what are you so worried about” my mother would say. Yet she would never take me along to her crochet club. She didn’t want to be the mother of an overweight daughter – at least not in public. She didn’t want to be explaining to her peeps why I was like that. I keep asking myself how to lose belly fat naturally in short time.

I tried one diet after the other all in the hope that I would lose belly fat and regain my shape. But all I got was disappointment. Many times I unconsciously sabotaged myself by thinking it is impossible. I would go to the gym but because I lacked motivation, I couldn’t be bothered to be there every day on time.

It was a mild heart attack that got me seriously thinking about my weight. I realized how much I had lost on life – I didn’t have any friends, I watched too many movies which only made my problem worse.

I know the rules and I could recite them by heart: don’t eat sugar, avoid salt, avoid trans-fats, avoid unhealthy fats, cut the carbs, eat fruit, eat veggies, eat fiber, exercise. But I did not know where to start off and I had no motivation.

And then happen something that help me to understand how to lose belly fat naturally

I guess the day, the 5th day of December 2015 will forever be printed in my mind. It is the day when my life took a turn, the day I picked up the 3 week diet. After trying many diet solutions, I was not excited to try anything new. The only reason that I could try the 3 week diet is that there was a money back guarantee. I did not expect it to work anyway!

All diets are not created equal. Health practitioners use a lot of jargon to point out what is wrong and what is right so we rarely ever understand. Reading other reviews, I finally dared to order The 3 week diet, but I fell to the floor when I saw how many pages I need to read. I hate reading too much and I will need good motivation. Hey, I found my motivation. Motivation will be..hmm, I will not tell you, it is personal 🙂

When I got this amazing product, I was still skeptical. I paid for the program using my visa card and was able to download instantly in PDF. What I got was four manuals: the introduction manual, the diet manual, workout manual and the motivation manual. I found it really nice that all the information was separated to give me smaller booklets. It is also easy to refer to what I need when I need it.

The introduction was very specific on the causes of extended weight gain and the scientific implications. The main struggle is against body fat and the right steps to help you lose belly fat are made clear. I have taken supplements before on the suggestion of my online friend, but this time I was able to understand why.

The diet manual has become my daily reference, telling me what I need to have in order to achieve success and remain focused. Are there foods that would interfere with my goals to lose belly fat? How can I ensure that the weight I lose will stay off after my first 21 days? These questions found their answers in the diet manual.

Exercise is not optional but since it lasts only 20 minutes a day, I usually manage to put in my time in the morning before going off to work. I have tried to gym before and it all crumbles when I have to be out of town and can’t find a gym nearby. Yet I don’t have to use the gym, I can comfortably exercise in my hotel room. It would really help if we could have some of the videos suggested in the workout manual demonstrated.

Michelle Pruitt - how to lose belly fat naturally with successPlanning for success is never enough – implementation is key. So, this evening I was walking home and feeling like I was losing my identity – mindless eating. As I sat in the park listening to the air, I get into the motivation manual. I transform from what I was, to having a bigger vision. It is not just about me today – it is about my whole life. I am not willing to let this chance go. So, I pass by the organic market to get myself some fruits and vegetables. I am motivated to continue and to accomplish.

Brian is totally involved in his system. When you chat him or email him, he responds ASAP assuaging all your concerns. I also like his approach because instead of lying to you about the efficacy of the program, he informs you of your commitment. After all, the diet will not work without you – this is what I needed to hear all along.

I always thought there were some magical pills to lose belly fat – and yes they are there. But nothing beats having a real promise of a better life, better self-control. Belly fat – fat in the abdominal cavity is a major issue. It does not matter if you are overweight or not; if you have belly fat, it is time to lose it. You can estimate abdominal obesity by measuring the waist circumference. Women should have a maximum of 35” while men should have a maximum of 40”

I have had a great opportunity to know my body and how it works. I found my ideal weight, and I was able to determine how much I needed to lose. I am not vegetarian so getting my daily share of protein has not been that hard. My diet has changed, my work out has improved and I believe I can only get better. I didn’t lost 23 pounds in first three weeks maybe because I didn’t follow all the rules but after six months I lost 90 pounds.

I am transformed in mind and body within those six months. I do not feel like a failure any longer – I fall and I rise and at least I learn how to lose belly fat naturally. Whenever I face uncertainty, I reach out for my motivation manual and get back on track. I know how my metabolism affects my weight, and what I can do to boost it. The 3 week diet is more than a manual- it is a lifestyle.

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